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VERIFIED | Xika vs the Disinformation

In an era plagued by disinformation and the blurred lines between fact and fiction, a new superhero emerges to combat the global spread of “inFAKEtados”. Meet Xika, an ordinary person with an extraordinary conviction: the relentless pursuit of truth and the defeat of disinformation. This is a self funded digital campaign by Clubcamping to empower people in Latin America to check the sourcing of the information they receive. To support and learn more, visit

Duration: 00:01:55
Country of Origin: Not Specified
Language: English

Director(s): Clubcamping

Writer(s): Carolina Cantero, Alan Pettersen, Ana Sieglitz, Mariano Fernández Russo


Key Cast:

Other Credits: Executive Production: Ana Sieglitz; Lead Production: Ana Laura Aparicio; Production Assistant: Alan Pettersen; Animation Director: Pablo Cuello; Animatic: Mariano Fernández Russo; Art Direction: Martín Vinograd; Art Lead: Juan Barabani; Color: Nahuel Ruiz; Illustration: Juan Barabani, Martín Vinograd, Ramiro Cabrera; Layouts: Evelin Unfer, Contanza Oroza; 2d Animation: Nicolás Piccirilli, Alejandro Briganti, Franco Pelliciaro, Magui Barone, Maricel Piazza; Cleanup: Sofía Díaz, Alan Mohamed, Mercedes di Santis, Celina Pavón, Gabriel Rocha, Adele Baquiast; Compositing & Motion Animation: Mariano Fernández Russo, Gabriel Rocha; Additional Compositing: Yago López; Graphic Design: Adriana Matallana; Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece, Felipe Barandalla; Sound Producer: Alan Pettersen; VO: Julieta Nieto, Ademara