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El Amparo de Rivas

At dawn on April 11, 1856, Amparo experiences the filibuster attack on Costa Rican tropos in te city of Rivas, Nicaragua. She goes into a state of shock and flees to take refuge. From her hiding place she observes that Julio, a Costa Rican soldier, is shot in the back and in an act of courage she runs to rescue him and takes him to a safe place. Amparo carries him to the Costa Ricans makeshift hospital where they treat his dounds and take care of him until he eventually regains consciousness. The city of Rivas is on fire, the Costa Ricans win the battle hand in hand with the sunset.

Duration: 00:02:19
Country of Origin: Costa Rica
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Virginia Herrera Chaverri


Producer(s): Carlos Smith, José Rodriguez

Key Cast:

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