Selected Film

HIJOS DE LA REVOLUCIÓN / Children of the Revolution

Laura and Tomás were born in Venezuela on February 4, 1992, during a coup. They grew up with social and economic differences that reached a peak during the Bolivarian revolution. Still, the working relationship between their parents brings them together by chance, initiating a long love story threatened by their personal goals and family pressures, but even more, by the Venezuelan political context from 1998 to 2017, where staying together is as complex as predicting the future.

Duration: 01:49:20
Country of Origin: Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Carlos Caridad Montero

Writer(s): Carlos Caridad Montero

Producer(s): Amaury Mogollón, Ricardo García

Key Cast: Mauricio Celimen, Naomi De Oliveira, Augusto Nitti, Edmary Fuentes, Daifra Blanco, Jeska Lee Ruiz

Other Credits: Direction of Phopography: Camilo Paparoni; Edition and Animation: Carlos Caridad Montero; Art Direction: Angélica Burgos; Direct sound: Miguelángel González; Music: Fernando Aréchiga