Selected Film

Havana Stories [La operación Payret]

The Payret Operation orchestrated in 1979 by State Security against citizen Daniel Faz is hardly known. However, its repercussions continue to this day. For this reason and because of the number of people related to this event (directly or indirectly), we decided to make a film. The filmed material was stolen by alleged elements of The Mosquito Network. These interviews were recovered to make this documentary.

Duration: 01:20:00
Country of Origin: United States
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Eliecer Jimenez Almeida

Writer(s): Francisco Garcia Gonzalez, Eliecer Jimenez Almeida

Producer(s): Angelica M. Loucraft, Jorge Abello, Carlos Acosta Milian, Susana Perez, Eliecer Jimenez Almeida

Key Cast: Carlos Acosta Milian, Susana Perez, Gerardo Riveron, Judith Gonzalez, Alberto Pujols, Laura Aleman, Landy Alvero

Other Credits: