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The Dust Artist

Mario is a person who lives in Cholula, Puebla, a person who found himself through artistic expression, developing a unique technique inspired by pre-hispanic art and respect for nature. Simple, careful and disciplined, he lives his life in congruence with his values, seeking perfection in his work and leaving his essence in each of his creations

Duration: 01:08:00
Country of Origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Sara Duque, Omar Garcia

Writer(s): Sara Duque

Producer(s): Sara Duque, Omar Garcia

Key Cast: Mario Balderas, Elena Balderas, Alberto Armando Álvarez

Other Credits: Cinematography: Omar Garcia; Editing: Miguel Angel Lavandeira, Sara Duque; Sound Designer: Santiago Arroyo; Music: Edwin Arce; credit designer: Jorge Armenta