Selected Film

La Escondida / The Hidden One

"La Escondida" tells of the parallelism of two different worlds of work in the port city of Puerto Escondido (Mexico). Images of gestures of care for protected turtles and of the most exhausting manual labor for hotel facilities reveal commonalities and contradictions of actions. Through an intimate approach to the daily lives of the workers and their personal stories, the film shows how a place can be drastically changed by global developments.

Duration: 00:52:00
Country of Origin: Austria
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Raphael Reichl

Writer(s): Raphael Reichl

Producer(s): Tim Luna, Raphael Reichl, Andreas Reisenbauer

Key Cast: Alison Raymundo Pérez, Pedro Ramos, Pablo Martínez-Zárate, Mara Chavez, Yenisei Merlín Bautista, Isidro Altamirano, Néstor Daniel de los Santos Ruiz

Other Credits: Director of Photography: Raphael Reichl; Editor: Tim Luna, Raphael Reichl; Music by: Marius Houschyar; Sound Design: Arturo Zarate; Post Prod, Supervision: Diego Gallástegui González; Transcription: Daniela Romero Garduño