Selected Film

Pirata's Road Trip

A group of friends embark on a road trip to Argentina to pick up Sebastián and his dog, Pirata. However, Pirata has a respiratory problem and requires special care during the journey. The group faces challenges such as extreme weather conditions, unfamiliar geography, and the stresses of traveling together. They navigate the South American mountain range, all while learning the importance of tolerance, patience, and coexisting with each other. Follow their journey as they overcome obstacles and bond over the love they share for Pirata, making their way to Peru.

Duration: 01:00:00
Country of Origin: Peru
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Gianfranco Alcantara

Writer(s): Gianfranco Alcantara

Producer(s): Gianfranco Alcantara

Key Cast: Sebastián Romero, Giuliana Rospigliosi, Rodrigo Carbajal, Tara Morales, Carolina Llerena, Pirata

Other Credits: Camera: Gianfranco Alcántara, Rodrigo Carbajal, Tara Morales