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(0,0) is a poetic or philosophical reflection on the history and ultimate fate of the universe. The short film describes various stages of the universe's evolution, from the singularity that marks the beginning of time and space, to the formation of atoms, stars, galaxies, and ultimately the decay and death of everything. The language used is highly figurative and evocative, and it touches on themes of entropy, cosmology, and the meaning of life. It's an innovative short film that blends various techniques to create a mesmerizing visual experience. The film artfully employs 3D animation, stop motion, timelapse, videography, and generative AI animation to weave together a captivating narrative. Through the seamless integration of these techniques, the film takes audiences on a poetic journey through the chronology of the universe, delving into themes of entropy, cosmology, and humanity's quest to comprehend its place in the vast cosmos.

Duration: 00:05:20
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Nicolas Ruarte

Writer(s): Nicolas Ruarte

Producer(s): Nicolas Ruarte

Key Cast: Cintia Trobbiani

Other Credits: