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Listen: the land was torn

From the universe of three indigenous peoples pressured by the destruction caused by illegal mining, the film proposes an approach to the thinking of the Yanomami, Munduruku, and Mebengokre, in the formation of a historic alliance in defense of their territories. It is, therefore, a narrative about resistance and resilience, in the figure of an unprecedented union that affirms the maintenance of their physical and subjective territories. Beyond the destruction caused by mining, this is a film about the impossibility of separating indigenous existence from the territory in which they live.

Duration: 01:20:00
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Other, Portuguese

Director(s): Cassandra Mello, Fred Rahal

Writer(s): Cassandra Mello, Fred Rahal, Camila Mouri

Producer(s): Ale Fernandes

Key Cast:

Other Credits: