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Pleaceada. Intimate story of an ex-hitwoman

Placeada is the story of a 43-year-old woman, a former hitman who was at the service of drug trafficking. After 20 years in prison he is released trying to find a new way to give meaning to his life. She doesn't want to go back to prison nor does she want to die, she tries to accommodate a past to which she remains a prisoner. This is an intimate testimony that explores the possible origins and causes of violence that has an entire country in suspense.

Duration: 01:05:00
Country of Origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Alejandra Sánchez Orozco

Writer(s): Alejandra Sánchez Orozco, Ana García

Producer(s): Fernanda Valadez, Alejandra Sánchez, Erika Licea

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Cinematographer: Erika Licea; Sound: Pablo Tamez; Music: Gabo Briones, Tareke Ortiz