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CONTRA PRODUCTIONS INC. WRITER, DIALOGUE, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER:- ANEIL CONTRACTOR CELL No. +1(778)268-2682 EMAIL: LOGLINE:- CANADIAN RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL (Why are we not talking about this) ?! SYNOPSIS:- 1. Canadian Residential School were innocent small children were killed (genocide) in the Residential School. 2. It's a dark secrete of Canada! where innocent children were killed (genocide) from year 1867 - 2000 and many dead bodies to be found in future... 3. DATA speaks! (graphs and tables) are visible... many thanks to "THE TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION OF CANADA" As a filmmaker, I have always been drawn to emotional stories that reflect upon the human condition and the relationships people have with each other. With this film, PROJECT "m" (short) I would like to explore the struggle of innocent First Nation children who were taken away from there family and home and were put into Residential School FORCEFULLY and they never return home back... how they go through their lives in Residential School, ultimately resulting in death, murder, genocide of innocent First Nation children from Canada! I have taken workshops at the Winnipeg Film Group and Film Training Manitoba in an attempt to learn the craft of filmmaking. I have also done a basic film making course from Winnipeg Film Group in 2015 and I have been writing short stories and screenplays ever since, and I believe that this project will help further my knowledge as a Writer/Director. I intend to use the tips and training bestowed upon me by the DGC-BC during the making of this film PROJECT "m" - Why are we not talking about this ?!

Duration: 00:12:27
Country of Origin: Canada
Language: English

Director(s): Aneil Contractor

Writer(s): Aneil Contractor

Producer(s): Aneil Contractor

Key Cast: All the First Nation children from Canadian Residential School who were killed/Genocide

Other Credits: