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Vince Vivian Experience with Special Guest Pat "Redbone" Vegas

Host Vince Vivian and Co-hosts Sean Hicks, Owen Lyon, Asly Martinez Hernandez, and Emmanuel Fernando interview the legendary Pat "Redbone" Vegas - as well as Acela Cortese, the Voice of Redbone's weekly podcast. Pat "Redbone" Vegas is an American icon as the co-founder of Redbone - the world's first Native American Rock band. Born and raised in Fresno and later Salinas, California, Pat and his brother, Lolly, decided to pursue a musical career in Hollywood. With a lot of talent, and Pat's dynamic optimism, they achieved worldwide fame through their efforts which culminated in major achievements such as top selling and/or gold records ("Witch Queen Of New Orleans", "Come And Get You Love", "We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee", et al.), friendships with major musicians (Elvis, James Brown, Little Richard, et al.), and even the chance to play for and meet Queen Elizabeth II. Without a doubt, a future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Pat Vegas will discuss the importance of Redbone in music history, but also in the struggle for civil rights for Native Americans.

Duration: 00:34:04
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English

Director(s): William Cruz



Key Cast: Pat "Redbone" Vegas, Acela Cortese, Vince Vivian, Sean Hicks, Owen Lyon, Asly Martinez Fernandez, Emmanuel Fernando

Other Credits: Asst. Director: Benny De La Cruz; Still Photography: Natalia Carrington