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117 Shoes. Story of Generosity

I am JOHN. I’m a pastor and evangelist in a Muslim country in Africa. I met my wife in our underground church, where we met in secret. When I married a woman from a different country, we knew it would be difficult because our tribes are enemies, but God gave us unity in our marriage. While she was pregnant with our first child, ethnic tensions escalated, and my wife was forced to flee to another country. I tried to follow her, but at the border, someone recognized me as a Christian and I was arrested. As a Christian in prison, I endured extra interrogations and beatings. The guards tried to get me to give up names of other Christians. We worked in the fields during the day and were confined in handcuffs and legcuffs at night. We worked barefoot, and our feet became cracked and swollen. The heat and humidity in the prison choked us. We were given enough food to stay alive, but just barely. We never received new clothes, so our clothes became sweaty rags. After more than four years, I was released from prison. I was able to find my wife and finally meet my son. My son’s fifth birthday was the first one I celebrated with him. I will never forget the joy I felt on that day. Yet the challenges continued, even after my family was reunited. The difficult economy makes life challenging for almost everyone, but especially for refugees. Jobs are scarce and famine continues to ravage the land. As refugees, we don’t have access to most jobs, healthcare, or school. For 11 years, my family has been fighting to survive here. I praise God that we are not fighting alone. By faith, I agreed to pastor a refugee church. It is my joy to serve among my people, offering God’s hope in such dark times.

Duration: 00:05:37
Country of Origin: Uganda
Language: English

Director(s): Komakech Daniel

Writer(s): Komakech Daniel

Producer(s): Komakech Daniel, Quinn Neely

Key Cast: Odoch Steven

Other Credits: