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On the shoulders of GIANTS

Almost 70 years ago, James and Libia, a couple of Afro-descendants, he from Cauca and she from Valle, arrived in what was then Santa Fe de Bogotá with the purpose of building a family. At the same time and in the same city, Angel and Carmen, migrants from Tolima and Boyacá respectively, began the same task. Today, Andrés, the grandson of these two families, explores the cultural and material legacy built by his grandparents in the capital.

Duration: 00:24:03
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Andrés Felipe Villarreal Valencia

Writer(s): Andrés Felipe Villarreal Valencia

Producer(s): Andrés Felipe Villarreal valencia

Key Cast: James Valencia Gonzalías, Carmen Elena Soler

Other Credits: