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The Justice Of Men

José Luis, a Venezuelan refugee in Colombia, struggles to create a new life as a delivery man. After an accident that costs him his bike, his means for survival, luck favors him with a more valuable replacement. Yet, his life is jeopardized when xenophobic vandals falsely accuse him of stealing his own bike due to growing anti-immigrant sentiments in the country. With his only income at stake and authorities against him, José Luis fights fiercely to protect his means of survival, spotlighting the resilience of an immigrant determined to overcome adversity.

Duration: 00:16:40
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Juan David Pinzón

Writer(s): Juan David Pinzón, Daniel Vela

Producer(s): Daniel Vela, Daniela Martinez

Key Cast: Daniel Moreno, María Manuela Gomez, Cristian Bayer, Nicolás Solano, Andres Felipe Castiblanco, Bryan Steven Castellanos, Mikey Martinez

Other Credits: