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Mlango Farm was started in 2007 on the Mundia family land in Ngecha Kenya, by Els Breet and her husband, Kamande Njenga. Els met Kamande Njenga in Netherlands. After many years living in the city they decided to return to Kenya to care for a piece of land that Kamande inherited been the youngest sibling in the Kikuyu tradition. They both started from nothing the Mlango Farm. After 15 years of hard work and a team of approximately 70 workers, Els had to endure the decision to continue due to the sudden passing of Alvin Kamande Njenga, on 7th May 2023, at his family home in Ngecha, Mlango Farm. Mlango means "Open Door" in the Kikuyu Language. This project represents an open door to new generations. WWW.MLANGO.ORG

Duration: 00:07:00
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico
Language: English

Director(s): Julio Benito Cabrera



Key Cast: Els Breet

Other Credits: