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Space-Sitting Prowess of Egungun Ajomogbodo

Egungun Ajomogbodo with its space-sitting prowess is one of the most popular and well-travelled Egungun from Ogbomoso, Nigeria. It has the world's attention because of its sitting on space/air prowess. The name Ajoko-mo-gbe-odo (means the one who sits without need for stool) is said to have been given in the ancient time when all Egungun in Ogbomoso openly perform for the king, Soun of Ogbomosoland. After their performance, other Egungun would sit on stool but this precise Egungun choose to be different by sitting without a stool. Since then, the onlookers began to call it Ajoko-mo-gbe-odo and was later shortened to Ajomogbodo for proper and easy pronunciation. This is a documentary that tells the story and shows the performance of Ajomogbodo, a mystical Egungun that sits comfortably on space without the use of a chair or stool.

Duration: 00:05:29
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Language: English

Director(s): Israel Ayanwuyi


Producer(s): Israel Ayanwuyi

Key Cast:

Other Credits: