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The City in Debt

Amanda and Karime live a quiet life in a middle-class neighborhood in the city of Cali. But the lives of this Mother and her Daughter are altered when Amanda starts working with a new type of business that has taken on a lot of force in the city, the illegal loan business known as gota gota. Genaro is a lender, escort and right-hand man of Don Cesar, Amanda's boss. Santiago and Rodrigo are two young moneylenders under the command of Don Cesar. They are both very thirsty for money, but they have little use for their brains. The problems begin when the organization discovers that the money they gave Amanda to work has vanished and she doesn't give a reason as to where she went?

Duration: 00:18:38
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Jefferson Rengifo Mera

Writer(s): Jefferson Rengifo Mera

Producer(s): Jefferson Rengifo Mera

Key Cast: Laura Sánchez Hernández, Juan Carlos Granal, Luz Florez Jenny Florez, Hader Antonio Blandón

Other Credits: