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Brazilian Winds Ensamble: Independence Tour

In "Independence Tour", we are transported into an extraordinary musical journey, narrating the inspiring odyssey of the 'Brazilian Winds Ensemble'. In October 2022, five talented Brazilian musicians, all studying in Germany, merged their passions for music and their homeland Brazil in a unique and passionate tour. This captivating documentary captures the essence of Brazil's independent spirit, celebrating the nation's 200 years of freedom in grand style. Under the shadow of majestic cathedrals and on the vibrant stages of German cities such as Berlin, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Freiburg, Cologne, the Brazilian Winds Ensemble enthralled audiences with their energetic and moving music. However, it is not just a glamorous musical celebration; it is also a deep dive into the challenges faced by these musicians while studying abroad. This documentary features heartfelt testimonies from the quintet members, who bravely share their difficulties and personal struggles. Away from the glittering lights of the stages, they reveal moments of solitude, language barriers, homesickness, and the constant pressure to achieve perfection. These honest testimonials challenge the preconceived notion that studying abroad is purely glamorous and adventurous. They unveil the complex and multifaceted reality of the international experience. Nevertheless, despite the adversities, these incredible musicians find strength in music and mutual support. Their stories not only inspire but also illuminate the journey of self-discovery and growth that occurs when one is far from home. "Brazilian Winds Ensamble: Independence Tour" is, therefore, a tribute to resilience, passion, and the transformative power of music. This is a story not only about national independence but also about personal independence that arises when we face challenges head-on and emerge stronger on the other side.

Duration: 01:18:00
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: German, Portuguese

Director(s): Diogo Gauziski, Isabelle Menegasse


Producer(s): Lukas Weller, Moritz Giesinger

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Camera: Diogo Gauziski, Isabelle Menegasse; Video Editor : Diogo Gauziski; Colorgrading: Diogo Gauziski; Audiovisual Producer: Rawziski Registros Musicais