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A certain type of cinema in Rio Grande do Sul

This documentary covers forty years, and three generations, of the gaucho cinema in Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil. Therefore, it is a film about cinema. But not only. It is also a film about Rio Grande do Sul and its capital, Porto Alegre. At same time, it is also a film about Latin America and about the frontier that unites and separates the Spanish America from Brazil, colonized by Portugal. Nowhere else in the country is it possible to cross the border in just one step and that says a lot about the gauchos and about the cinema made in these part of Brazil. On one side, Argentina and Uruguay, on the other, Brazil and, in between this kind of schizophrenic State that, for centuries, has been trying to understand itself. The cinema made in Rio Grande do Sul is almost like a mirror that reflects the innumerable conflicts of this Brazil that, many times, are more like Argentina and Uruguay.

Duration: 01:47:00
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese

Director(s): Boca Migotto

Writer(s): Boca Migotto

Producer(s): Boca Migotto

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Dir. of Photography: Pedro Clezar; Sound Design: Juan Quintáns; Editing: Eduardo Pua