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Once upon a time in the Andes

In the Peruvian Andes, Margarita, an Andean shepherdess finds Lautaro, a dying Chilean soldier who has managed to flee from a battle. She decides to take him to her home and take care of him. When her father finds out, he decides to hide him, putting his family at risk, with the only condition that he leaves when he recovers. Over time and despite the linguistic differences, the shepherdess and the soldier begin to establish an intimate relationship. When the Chilean is discovered, he is taken prisoner, but his life is spared when he discovers that the shepherdess is expecting his child.

Duration: 01:25:06
Country of Origin: Peru
Language: Quechua, Spanish

Director(s): Rómulo Sulca

Writer(s): Rómulo Sulca

Producer(s): Rómulo Sulca, Jhon Pizarro

Key Cast: Maribel Baldeon, Juan Cano

Other Credits: