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Kumeyaay Land

The Kumeyaay community struggles to keep their land and their water. Documentary directed by Dylan Verrechia, co-created with Doña Eva, Fausto y Fausto Jr. Set in Baja California in the Kumeyaay Native American community. Shot on both the RED Epic-X #02118 and the Canon C300. Creators: Doña Eva Carillo, Fausto Shpapoman Diaz Carillo & Fausto "Guero" Diaz Ojeda Director / Writer / Producer / Director of Photography / Editor / Sound Designer: Dylan Verrechia Assistant Camera: Adrien Latapie Sound Mixer: Nikola Chapelle Production Manager: Filiberto González Location: Raquel Herrera Additional Editor: Sebastian Diaz

Duration: 00:21:00
Country of Origin: Denmark
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Dylan Verrechia, Fausto Diaz



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