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I am black, I am beautiful

"I am Black, I am Beautiful" (2023) is a documentary movie written and directed by Sabrina Onana about Black French Women (both Caribbeans and daughters of African immigrants in France). In this documentary, 12 Afro-French women talk about their relationship with hair, beauty standards, men, and representation in the media. Their journey of doubts, growth, alienation, reconciliation, resilience, and self-acceptance raises awareness about social and cultural issues in both African and Western societies. By publicly sharing their experience, this documentary gives those women all at once the possibility to talk, be seen, and be heard while also encouraging active listening and honest conversations both inside and outside the Black community.

Duration: 01:24:45
Country of Origin: France
Language: English, French

Director(s): Sabrina Onana

Writer(s): Sabrina Onana

Producer(s): Sabrina Onana

Key Cast:

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