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RAPdão is the third single from the ABRAKBÇA project, a fun ride in a playful universe created by a Magical MC, charming with words, connecting hip-hop attitude and children's creativity.

Duration: 00:03:22
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese

Director(s): Pedro Peluso



Key Cast:

Other Credits: Art Direction: Pedro Peluso; Puppet Maker: Ana Barroso; scenary: Ana Barroso; Animation (2D, 3D and stop-motion): Pedro Peluso; Post Production: Moacir Barros, Pedro Peluso; Lyrics: Renan Inquerito; Song: Renan Inquerito, Arnaldo Antunes; Beat: Pop Black, Wesley Camilo; Musical Production: Pop Black, Wesley Camilo; Bass: Marcelo Moraes; Skratches: DJ RM; Kids choirs: Alice Lisboa, Francisco Leal, Liah Vitória, Lívia Borges, Liz Palomo, Malu Thegon, Nycolle Almeida, Pedro Bregalda, Rafael dos Santos, Sophia Lauryn; Mix and Master: Silvera; 3D printing: AdaptBot; Winder Rig, Rigs: Antonio Oliveira