Selected Film

Robert Jerome Pagan’s An American Posada

An experimental project written in 4 days, filmed in 6 days, edited in 1 week. Creator, writer, and director Robert Pagan in his first ever cinematography credit experiments with a Samsung Galaxy S21+ and conference microphone to bring you "An American Posada" “Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world." Dolores Huerta In the midst of civil unrest, failing industry, and war, the small town of Trillberry, California is divided and grieving, yet united in hope. Knowing that a Posada procession is too dangerous in this climate of anti-protest in a sundown town, Mr. Brown keeps his family tradition alive by hosting this year’s Posada at his home instead. Mr. Brown believes, “You break down walls by joining hands and breaking bread,” and decides it’s time to invite ALL of his friends to his backyard party. “An American Posada” is a film created by Robert Jerome Pagan, inspired by his stage play, “Santa Baby: A Classic Holiday Special”- a recreation of a fictional classic television show titled “Leave it to the Joneses”. “An American Posada” is an homage to 1950s-60s television with a very special difference: imagine if the stories of diversity in this era were actually told on T.V. In this BIPOC journey, the chronicles of immigration, war, acceptance, and the magic of Christmas are told through intertwining moments on the day of Mr. Ronald Brown’s Christmas Posada. Join the citizens of Trillberry on their quest to build community despite their struggles and celebrate family, tradition, and dreams. The day of the Posada will bring surprises, tears, new life, and hope.

Duration: 00:60:25
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English, Spanish

Director(s): Robert Pagan

Writer(s): Robert Pagan

Producer(s): Geovani Sandoval, Robert Pagan, Dana Sevrin, Meaghan Victoria Anderson

Key Cast: Robert Pagan, Jax Quintana, Norma Villanueva, Justin P. Lopez, Liliana Bernardo

Other Credits: Editor : Frida Gonzalez; Creator : Robert Pagan