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A symphonic musical journey that questions: What is our relationship with nature? Why we experienced a pandemic? What are we doing wrong? Evoking dreamlike landscapes with celestial rivers, mantras, salt crystals, mandalas and cacti in delirium, it generates a kaleidoscopic and rhythmic experience related to the fractal found in human artistic creation and in nature. The documentary portrays the process where "Fractalis: Concert for Piano and Orchestra" by Gabriela Ortiz is born from the pandemic and fragments and interacts with the space of the Nezahualcóyotl concert hall and the musicians who perform it.

Duration: 00:60:00
Country of Origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Adrian Pallares


Producer(s): Frida Zaldívar

Key Cast: Gabriela Ortiz, Ana Gabriela Fernández, Ronald Zollman

Other Credits: