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Prayer San Salvador

Sofia, a young Salvadoran, grapples with grief over her brother Jose's death at the hands of gangster Hector. As Hector serves time in prison, Pedro, Hector's brother, urges Sofia to forgive him. Struggling with forgiveness, Sofia seeks solace in prayer but finds herself conflicted. She encounters Maria, who prays for the strength to forgive her absent mother. Inspired by Maria's plea, Sofia contemplates forgiveness as she gazes upon a crucifix.

Duration: 00:08:18
Country of Origin: El Salvador
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Young Man Kang

Writer(s): Young Man Kang

Producer(s): Young Man Kang, Vanesa Tomasino

Key Cast: Ninfa Montoya, Edson Hernandez, Mariam Massiel

Other Credits: Music: Won Cheol Jeong; Cinematography: Young Man Kang; Editor: Young Man Kang